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Sustainable Art Policy

Creativity through empathy

It is quite shocking (if not disappointing) to realize the breadth of art materials

and mediums which contain animal ingredients, or a surplus of harsh and toxic chemicals.


After canvasing many art supply companies and making a conscious effort to seek out the right products, I am proud to create and offer clients artwork which is both animal- and environmentally-friendly.

I select only supplies which have been stated to not contain any animal ingredients (whether paint, paper, canvas or brushes), & those that are made in awareness of resources.

Below is a list materials used for all paintings:


Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colors

- Oil pants are water mixable, & do not require harsh/ toxic solvents for cleaning

or normal use. 

Winsor & Newton Galleria Acrylics

- Galleria Acrylic paints follow the same cruelty-free* & environmental aspects.


​​Paint Brushes

- Only synthetic, non-animal hair brushes are used.


Henry, Henry XL, or Duo Canvas (Purchased through Boesner.com)

​- Wood from responsible sources, made in Germany.

- Gesso for priming does not contain any animal gelatin.

​(*There is only one color in the Winsor & Newton paints that contains animal ingredients (Ivory Black), which is easily substituted by using Lamp Black.)

Currently the amount of companies manufacturing animal-friendly art supplies is quite limited, and not all paints in the same series are free of such ingredients. Winsor & Newton is (so far) the best in this respect.

However, it is my hope that in time, the art industry will take on a full-scale shift, which includes other artists making more conscious choices in the products they use.


We can all make mindful changes to help our planet, with a step in the right direction.