New Collectors & the Fine Art Philosophy

A first-time art purchase can be a fun and rewarding experience!

Buying original artwork is not difficult, although it can seem like a daunting task for new collectors.

The primary reason people buy art is not purely for investment, but because they like it.  A painting should compel you to feel as though it belongs to you, and in your home.  It should entice and excite you whenever you look at it. 

Fine Art comprises a higher level of quality, time taken, and fastidiousness of the artist.  Fine art is never truly finished until the artist is fully satisfied. 

Creating fine art is not about working fast, and finishing something in order to make a sale - it is a true creation, born from a lingering idea, that is made into something tangible to be viewed and enjoyed.

​The meaning behind a painting (and naming) can also give an underlying representation of something important or close to you.  We all have different reasons for our individual tastes and styles, and a person's taste in art should suit that style.

Fine Art paintings, drawings and sculpture are a tangible medium in today's ever-increasing digital world.  When an object is crafted by hand, it is a truly time-honoured and traditional form of art - one which increases in value and appreciation when so many digitized creations can render a 'here today, forgot tomorrow' feeling.

Whatever your reason for collecting art, I can only abide by my promise to always provide fresh and new ideas to cater to an audience of those with a similar appreciation for witty sarcasm, and deeper meaning behind all things. 

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