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Jessica Bianco, Jessica Bianco artist, realist, realism, fine art, painter

Jessica Bianco (ǰɛsɪkə biaŋko) noun 1. to be largely self-taught and to learn through experience. 2. lover of nature and observer of the human psyche and momentum. 3. writer in the medical sciences, and veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. 4. constantly seeking new challenges through variety and alleviating boredom. 5. user of satire and symbolism to express emotions and circumstance.


Distinguished Artist Award - Art Ascent magazine 2018 Themed Call: Happiness

Distinguished Artist Award - Art Ascent Magazine 2019 Themed Call: Figures

Art Education

Accademia D'Arte - Firenze (Scuola Leonardo da Vinci) - Florence Italy

Accademia dell' Giglio - Florence, Italy

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